The Evolution Difference

Home Care Services Focus on Quality


Our home care services provide quality home health, hospice and infusion therapy solutions branded locally across the country. We provide care for patients where they are most comfortable—in their homes.

By employing the best clinicians and placing them in the home setting, we uniquely bridge gaps in care to promote wellness, reduce avoidable hospital readmissions and rehabilitate those at their most vulnerable times.

Committed to Reducing Readmissions and Delivering a Higher Level of Care 

When just one home health visit occurs in the first week of post-inpatient discharge, the readmission rate averages 36.4% nationally. When two home health visits occur, the average readmission rate falls to 15.5%; when three visits occur, the average readmission rate falls to 11.4%. (Source: Strategic Healthcare Programs)

"Our nurses are at the center of our care delivery model in many ways, they may function as Transitional Care Coordinators, Nurse Navigators, Case Managers, Home Care Coordinators, and of course highly specialized Nurse Practitioners, just to name a few. Each position plays an integral and intentional role in delivering our promises, improving our patient outcomes, and bending the cost curve in unique and meaningful ways." -Lynne Gayler, EVP, Home Health Strategies