Health Plans & Employers


Evolution Health specializes in working with Health Plans, Employers and other providers such as Integrated Delivery Systems (IDS) or Patient-Centered Medical Homes (PCMH). Our integrated care model reduces preventable hospitalizations and readmissions and prevents avoidable emergency department visits. The result is an enhanced patient and caregiver experience and the reduction of the overall cost of managing patients with advanced illnesses and chronic conditions in the home and alternate settings.

Providers typically have various programs designed to manage chronic and transitional care needs, but gaps often exist in management of the most complex members. Evolution Health works with existing healthcare providers to fill the gaps in healthcare in these primary areas: Clinical Assessments, High Risk Management, Advanced Illness Management, Transitional Care and Longitudinal Chronic Care.

Lowering Healthcare Spend

More than 50% of healthcare costs are attributed to 5% of the population. We are committed to helping lower the healthcare spend for the most challenging patient populations.

50 Percent of Cost

Mobile Integrated Healthcare

Our Mobile Integrated Healthcare solution results in reduced costs and per member per month spend (PMPM) for patients who have been discharged from the acute care settings back into a broader patient population; often these high-risk patients are suffering from chronic illnesses such as diabetes or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) that can result in high per capita spending.

Our solution includes our ability to:

  • Identify potential high-risk members and focus on modifying their behavior to avoid additional complications.
  • Manage members with multiple chronic conditions to help close gaps in care so they will receive the most appropriate care at the right time.
  • Analyze member data to identify those most in need of medical care, in the most clinically appropriate and cost-effective setting.
  • Improve member engagement and patient compliance through home visits and coordination of care with the member’s primary care physician and other professional healthcare providers as appropriate.