Vision, Mission & Promises


Our Vision

To be the provider of choice and the employer of choice in every market we serve.

Our Mission

Continuously improve the value of healthcare — across the continuum and for all stakeholders — through innovation, collaboration and excellence.

Our Promises

In our ongoing efforts to consistently achieve our Mission and Vision, we are dedicated to being:



Committed to optimizing the health, experience and care delivery for patients, families, caregivers, customers, clients, clinicians and employees.



Committed to safe, highly reliable, evidence-based care and data-driven performance improvement to continuously measure, report and improve outcomes.



Committed to interprofessional team-based care with a well-prepared, empathetic, engaged and compassionate workforce.



Committed to being a visionary, creative, adaptable and solutions-driven learning organization that meaningfully utilizes and integrates technology into delivery models.



Committed to collaboration within the organization, across regions and with partners in care to seamlessly and actively share information, measurement, best practices and culture.



Committed to bending the cost curve utilizing top of licensure care, and a consistent and unyielding focus on quality and safety to deliver value to all stakeholders.



Committed to a culture of safety, transparence, accountability, integrity and respect.