Cheryl Gray, RN


Behavioral Health Nurse

“This is not the first dog I have rescued, this is the fourth. People do not understand how much these animals mean to their loved one. Patients find purpose in caring for their animals; something they lose as they age. Physical therapy called me to see my current patient; an 84 year-old woman living in an assisted living facility recovering from back surgery. The PT said she just cried and cried and needed to see a psychiatric nurse. So I went to talk to her and she said she missed living at home, but most of all, she missed her dog, Jess. Her daughter was going to give the dog away because they couldn’t find a home for him. I immediately volunteered to foster Jess until the patient was well enough to return home – what’s one more Jack Russell? I already have two. I take Jess to see her two days a week. She’s a different person now, she’s joyous. As a home care psych nurse, I look at the whole picture. I see the physical but recognize there are more components than just a skin tear or surgery wound.” 

For Cheryl - and most Evolution Health providers - care doesn't stop when they leave the patient's home. Cheryl's fostering of her patients' dogs might be an extreme example of our providers' dedication to patient care, but it is a heart-warming one that speaks to our value of patient-centered care.