PioJuan (PJ) Lansangan, PharmD


Mobile Integrated Clinical Pharmacist

When you think about pharmacy, you often think about a local retail pharmacy dispensing medication; a practice independent and unaware of the intricacies of your health history and diagnosis. But at Evolution Health, pharmacy refers to a team of in-house clinical pharmacists fully integrated into a patient’s care plan. Pharmacists with faces and names who are focused on providing personalized, comprehensive medication care perfectly complementing every patient’s holistic treatment regimen.
PJ Lansangan, PharmD, is one of Evolution Health’s three Mobile Integrated Clinical Pharmacists practicing in Evolution’s multi-disciplinary care model. PJ collaborates with field providers to develop safe, simplified and cost-effective medication regimens for patients – an innovative approach utilizing an ambulatory care pharmacy model.

“This approach allows pharmacists to develop a sustained relationship with providers and patients with the goal of improving patient outcomes and experiences,” says PJ. Unlike traditional models, this approach grants providers unrestricted access to a pharmacy resource while pharmacists have a complete view of a patient’s health status and history. This integration and transparency allows providers and pharmacists to deliver more tailored and coordinated care to patients. “Providers are trained in the art of medicine. Pharmacists are trained in the many aspects of pharmacotherapy and applying that to patient care,” says PJ. “By collaborating on patient care plans, we use our specialties to optimize overall care delivery.”
In this model, PJ is able to fully support patients during their healthcare journey – an invaluable resource for Evolution’s patient population, a large percentage of whom take ten or more medications daily. Patients can reach PJ or another clinical pharmacist at any time to discuss concerns or adverse effects of their medications. And communication goes both ways. In conjunction with the field provider, PJ consistently communicates with patients about their medication regimen – monitoring compliance and adjusting plans to fit patient preferences, a necessary component when determining the most appropriate medication plan according to PJ.
“It is important to consider a patient’s preference when selecting the right medication as it can highly influence the outcome of treatment. For example, a patient with diabetes may resist an injectable medication, such as insulin, even if it is clinically necessary. In this case, the challenge is finding proper alternative treatment strategies – like optimized oral medications, lifestyle modifications and extensive education — that take into account the patient’s preferences. When we do this, we will have a higher rate of success in medication adherence and ultimately improved patient outcomes.”  
PJ’s regular patient outreach – usually by phone – is not only significant in ensuring compliance, but instrumental in improving patient outcomes and experience. It is this level of care and accessibility that makes patients feel truly cared for, not just by one person, but an entire healthcare team.