Michelle Hyman, LVN


Remote Telemonitoring Nurse

“I have been an LVN for more than 20 years - working in hospitals and home care agencies - and I’ve never seen a company like Evolution Health. Evolution Health focuses on the entire system of patient care. With our Mobile Integrated Healthcare model, we can provide urgent care, transitional care, preventative care and virtual triage. When you have all the pieces working together, you can truly provide better patient care. I am amazed by our technology’s impact. I see every day how our telemonitoring capabilities are filling gaps in patient care - caring for them when they don’t have access to facilities. I have congestive heart failure patients who, without consistent monitoring and education, would fall back into the emergency room with exacerbated symptoms. Our technology allows us to keep these patients well and keep them out of the hospital. This is the future of medicine.”

Evolution Health’s mission of improving the value of healthcare is dependent, in part, on our ability to remove care impediments through innovative, creative solutions. We recognize care delivery must meet the patient where they are, which is why we utilize platforms to reach patients in any environment at any time. Our advanced technology allows us to deliver care in-person, by phone and through video conferencing – optimizing patient touches and keeping patients well wherever they call home.