Ify Ekangaki, FNP


MIH Advanced Practice Provider

“I never thought I would be doing home visits. When I was a nurse, I was never interested in practicing in the home. But now that I’m a Nurse Practitioner, doing care in the home feels different. Being in the home, I realize how dramatically the environment affects the patient’s condition; it affects how they perceive themselves and their treatment. I can detect so much about the patient from their neighborhood and the state of their home that inform the care plan I create for them. We have been conditioned in the health field to give blanket solutions for specific disease states without considering patients’ access to pharmacies, grocery stores or their financial resources. By taking my knowledge into the home, I am able to determine what the patient needs based on their condition and what is realistic based on their means. And, at Evolution Health, I can use the care coordination team and pharmacists to ensure we can actualize the solution efficiently and within the patient’s parameters.”

Being patient-centered means caring for the whole patient. Ify is an example of a clinician practicing patient-centered care by considering, not just the patient’s symptoms, but the environment influencing and informing how they respond to their condition. Evolution Health’s care delivery model encourages providers to recognize these factors as contributors of health and well-being; knowing that the patient is not defined by their disease promotes holistic treatment.