Greg Crawford


Physical Therapy Assistant

For more than two decades Physical Therapy Assistant Greg Crawford has been helping patients regain independence. Taken for granted in youth, independence is the most common goal of Greg’s aging patients. Greg coaches his patients through strengthening and mobility exercises specific to not just their deficit, but also the beloved activities they hope to reclaim. Hip mobility for gardening; stability for launching on and off a tractor; stamina for whisking and chopping in the kitchen. And while he knows the physical exercises are the primary contributor to a patient’s recovery, he believes listening is a vital component of a successful treatment plan. It is through the very simple, but supremely compassionate act of listening that Greg understands patients’ struggles, needs and fears. From this information, discovered through a shared, uninterrupted space, Greg designs care plans for the unique nuances of each patient. “There is not a one-size-fits-all treatment plan,” says Greg. “Sometimes you have to think outside of the box to get patients back to doing what they love.”

For Greg, listening is also unmatched in its ability to create trust between him and his patients. “When you take the time to listen to patients, they start to trust you. And trust is paramount. Patients need to know you have their best interest at heart.”

When listening to Greg, it is clear he has only patients’ best interest at heart. He speaks slowly and warmly about his current and former patients. Mrs. Beam, a recently deceased patient of three years, was a “cut-up,” always telling jokes. Her radiant spirit belied her age and her illness. She was on kidney dialysis, but with Greg's help was able to return to cooking regularly. Mrs. Beam's husband attributed her progress to Greg's intervention. "Greg was the only therapist that was ever able to do anything for Patricia. She had other therapists, but none were able to help her like Greg did; after working with him, she had full function in both of her shoulders. I could not appreciate him more."

It is evident Mrs. Beam is an emblem of the many patients Greg has bonded with over the course of his long career. Each one receiving the patient, kind ear of a skilled physical therapy assistant; the two developing a solid foundation on which they can work toward healing. If we are all just composites of those who enter our lives, Greg’s patients are in part compassionate, patient and kind. Greg epitomizes Evolution Health's patient- and population-centered care model. He recognizes patients are people - unique in health and perspective - who so often need, in addition to their prescription, a trusted advocate for their wellness. Greg offers this to patients - he is an advocate, a teacher, a friend - and he does it through the innately human and compassionate trait of listening.