Elizabeth Exum, RN


Care Coordinator for Guardian Healthcare

“I love knowing the patient and families had a good experience with us; that they loved their care, they loved their nurses and, if anything else happens, they want to come back to us. We build relationships with our patients, we want to earn their trust and we want them to call us when they need something. Believe me, once they have our number they don’t let go of it, and I always answer. I had the wife of a patient call at 5am one morning worried about her husband’s low blood sugar. I asked her if she wanted me to come to the house; I could just tell in her voice her husband was doing worse than she let on. She was adamant she didn’t want me to come saying it was too much trouble for me; I went anyway. When I arrived, the wife, crying, said, I’m so glad you came. That’s why I do this, to ease the suffering for everyone.”

At Evolution Health, we are committed to ensuring everyone involved in patient care has a positive experience - including caregivers. Our providers, as revealed through Elizabeth’s story, know patients are not the only ones involved in care plans; they are joined by wives, husbands and children. Our teams don’t just care for patients, they care for families.