Diane McGinnis, NP


Transitional Care Coordinator

As an Evolution Health Transitional Care Coordinator (TCC), Diane recognizes a lot of similarities between her transitional care patient interactions and those with her rural health patients; most notably for Diane, both stretch out longer than the standard provider visit inspiring trust between the two parties. However, there are two large differences between her TC and rural health patients – the time it takes Diane to reach them and the impact their geography has on their life expectancy. When working with her rural health patients, Diane travels 115 miles northwest of Las Vegas to a frontier town called Beatty. The sparse mining town has no hospital, specialty care or pharmacies and if a helicopter transport is required for emergent episodes, the response time is 40 minutes. This restricted access to healthcare reduces residents’ life expectancy by three years compared to those living in metropolitan areas. It is for this reason – the barriers to healthcare and the implications that has on patients – why Diane devoted her practice to improving healthcare for rural populations.

Diane spent four years commuting from Las Vegas to care for the nearly 1,000 residents of Beatty. During her time, she identified gaps in care she hopes will be resolved through integration among providers, a greater emphasis on tele-medicine for rural communities and a willingness of clinicians to practice in rural areas. Diane’s ideal care scenario for rural populations, “a clinic without walls” as she puts it, mirrors Evolution Health’s ideal delivery model; a healthcare system focused on improving access and quality of care to every patient using greater integration and advanced technologies. As a rural health provider and now an Evolution Health TCC in Las Vegas, Diane is contributing to the creation of this new model.

Although Diane no longer practices medicine in Beatty, she is still a volunteer firefighter and active in the Beatty chapter Boy Scouts. And maybe one day, Diane will be the resident Nurse Practitioner on a rig working with an EMT-P to provide care to all the underserved frontier towns, like Beatty.