Brandy Sparkman, RN


Vice President of Clinical Integration

“I’ll never forget our first Mobile Integrated Healthcare credentialing class. Dr. Beck was leading the class and we were talking about job tasks of specific roles. ‘If a patient needs an IV who do you choose to administer the IV: a paramedic, nurse or doctor?’ I said I would choose the nurse because nurses are really good at IVs. Eric asked when I last administered an IV. I said I don’t know, six months ago. He then asked Chris, one of AMR’s first community paramedics when he last administered an IV, Chris said yesterday. ‘How many have you done in six months, Chris?’ ‘Too many to count,’ Chris said. This is why I am passionate about Evolution’s Mobile Integrated Healthcare model. It allows me to see the value other providers bring to the team. It is breaking down barriers between providers changing the way care is delivered.”

Evolution Health is committed to integrating clinicians and organizations for seamless care delivery. Our providers, like Brandy, know clinicians and care teams are stronger when they are working together. Evolution Health’s Mobile Integrated Healthcare model leverages skills and resources from a variety of partners to ensure patients are well cared for during every stage of their healthcare journey.