Amy Dudney, ARNP, FNP-BC


MIH Advanced Practice Provider

“As a Nurse Practitioner, I am able to provide solutions for patients – and with the resources I have at Evolution Health, I’m able to work with an integrated team to quickly implement those solutions. I recently worked with an AMR medic and a Medical Command Center nurse to resolve an unplanned care call. With the patient at his side, the medic reached out to the MCC who connected me to the medic. We were able to review the patient’s current condition, including vitals and reported symptoms. After working with the medic and MCC nurse, we determined the patient did not need to be transported to the hospital, but did need a follow-up visit the next day. I was able to communicate the diagnosis and care plan directly to the patient – who, without leaving their home – received care from a medic, nurse and advanced practice provider in less than an hour. The traditional system doesn’t afford that level of integrated care. This is why the Evolution Health model excites me. We are always doing something to improve healthcare and finding new solutions for efficiently navigating the healthcare system.”

At Evolution Health, we know integration among providers is the key to creating a more cohesive, efficient and effective healthcare delivery system. Through our Mobile Integrated Healthcare model, nurse practitioners, like Amy, are able to collaborate with a team of clinicians with whom they typically don’t have an open line of communication ensuring patients receive comprehensive and coordinated care.