Amanda Pruett, RN


Branch Manager, Guardian Hugo and Paris

“I was deadset on not being a nurse. I come from a long line of nurses so was determined to do something different – I went into business instead. More than half-way through getting my business degree, my dad got sick. I went home to take care of him and everything changed. I realized I needed to spend my life making people well, caring for others when they need it most. As a nurse, I have so much power to help others - especially when I collaborate with my team of nurses and clinicians. Yes, when you walk into a patient's home, you are technically alone, but you always have a team of experienced clinicians a phone call away ready to help you care for that patient. Not everyone is going to have perfected every skill or experienced every care situation which is why we have to rely on each other to provide the best care to our patients, to really improve their lives. If we are not focused on improving our patients’ lives we are losing our mission."

Evolution Health is committed to creating a collaborative, engaged and empathetic workforce dedicated to positive patient experiences and outcomes. Our care teams know that success in this field is not achieved alone but through cooperative and intentional efforts from a team of mission-driven clinicians.